Coming Soon - Thylacine

A devastating fire in remote Tasmania precipitates the extinction of the Kiltepper family dynasty. Only a slim hope exists for Andy, the last male survivor, in an affair that ended badly twelve years earlier. The woman, Deborah Pollard, left for Canada scorned and intent on aborting the child. Did she go through with it? Andy persuades Deborah's estranged sister, Ruth, to find out.

In Canada, Deborah indeed has a son, Christopher, and her claim he's not the same child is unconvincing. What is clear is Deborah's life is in turmoil. Her son is unable to stick with a school and she can't keep jobs. When her common law spouse finds himself in legal troubles, Deborah becomes receptive to Ruth's invitation for an extended visit to Australia.

Until the discovery of Andy's involvement, which Deborah sees as a betrayal. But Christopher, charmed by Andy’s niece and captivated by the tragic story of the Tasmanian tiger, prevents her from bolting. Her son's unexpected blossoming, as well as the reawakening of her dormant love for her native land, leaves Deborah facing tough choices once Andy's underlying motives emerge. Not to mention, her own.