Peter Hassebroek

There is a distinct, private world within each of us, a private world I'll dare to touch with my words. My works explore the complications within us and how events, small and large, affect us in differing and often dramatic ways. Particularly when individual complications clash.

I was born in Amsterdam in 1962, emigrated to Canada from Holland with my family before I turned seven, and grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario. My uncertain post-secondary prospects eventually landed me in Toronto for a one-year computer programming course at Centennial College. This led to a successful and largely rewarding I.T. career that lasted twenty years until disilluson and disinterest crept in culminating in an unstoppable impulse to get out. An extensive personal odyssey through Europe confirmed the need for a major life change and became the foundation for my transition from I.T. professional to writer.

My first novel, Upbound, came out in 2008. It takes place in St. Catharines and, though not related to any specific events, strongly reflects my upbringing there. This was followed in 2010 by Melange and Other I.T. Stories. The title story in this collection is my Homeric Odyssey-based take on my career situation near the end. The other stories are also inspired by my I.T. career. The Dancer's Spell came out in 2012, blending my evolving storytelling skills with my travels and Dutch heritage.

This reliance on direct personal experience as a primary resource for my early work is not uncommon for writers, though in my case it effectively emptied my creative writing well. At least for prose writing. For a couple of years I explored other creative possibilities, including writing feature length screenplays - 3 of which I've published in a special book entitled Greenplays - and producing independent experimental videos.

My latest novel Thylacine, is a story that started as a screenplay and marks my return to prose fiction. This has prompted an honest review of my past works. Particularly my first novel Upbound, for which I have released a revised version that is a significant improvement on the original, both in the writing and the content.

Look for more in 2018. You can contact me at: phwriter {at}